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Dream Builders Communication, Inc.​​

​Dream Builders Communication, Inc. is a training and leadership development firm headquartered in Cornelius, North Carolina that has been in business for nearly 20 years. Our five divisions are corporate, education, executive coaching, federal/judicial, and nonprofit.

Our mission is to assist individuals and organizations transcend from good, to better, to best, via one speech, one training, one seminar at a time.

Five Core Divisions

  1. Managing Director
    Nonprofit Our experienced staff provides best practices that support community, corporate, and faith-based nonprofit organizations to reach their goals and dreams. DBC provides organizations with structure, guidance and the training necessary to not only reach their goals, but to surpass them. Whether it is leadership, board/staff development training, strategic planning, or cutting-edge practices to assess and enhance your nonprofit, DBC is the agency of choice to empower organizations in reaching their missions and fulfilling their visions.
  2. Education DBC has continually provided school districts, colleges, and universities with the tools and strategies to enhance professional development, teacher/professor effectiveness, academic performance, and global competitiveness in an ever-changing world. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and trained educators who understand the importance of common core values, multicultural education, and the ability to reach, teach, and cultivate students, educators, faculty, and staff to achieve excellence.
  3. Federal/Judicial We work with federal and judicial systems all around the country. Our “5 Star Evidence Based Model” works with individuals, probation officers, judicial teams and districts as a whole to identify best practices. Whether it’s team building, operational development, or stress and time management, our model creates a successful method towards commitment of compliance, correctional treatment, and community safety.
  4. Corporate We support and propel both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to achieve success in multiple arenas. Our multifaceted model creates immediate return by delivering value-added focus on obtaining, maintaining and retaining customers. So whether you are looking to enhance your leadership/executive development, diversity and inclusion, team building, operational development, strategic and/or succession planning, DBC incorporates them all.
  5. Coaching DBC has worked with a variety of individuals looking to achieve greatness. We have assisted and revolutionized the world of coaching using 21st century strategies, methodologies, and models. Our certified coaches will assist you and your employees with performance levels that will have a profound impact on personal growth, organizational performance, and your bottom line. Whether you are looking to enhance your executive team or yourself as an individual, we have the tools and the models to support your needs.