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Welcome & Enjoy

Let's Start Our Work Together

We offer more than general leadership training or providing an assessement that you have already taken. We go above and beyond to meet your customized needs and that starts with a one on one call with a member of our team.

What is the Value? 

Investing in diversity will always provide a positive outcome. It is important to explore diversity from different angles and perspective, as it will increase effectiveness in working with all types of people.

It Starts with a Plan

First things first, do you have a plan? Are you effectively implementing this plan? With how you measure sucess, is your plan working for you? 

Diversity vs. Inclusion 

Being at the table and being heard at the table are two different things. Why? What's the difference? 

We provide more than One

 As a company we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to tending to our clients. There are a plethora of other services that Dream Builders provides that may be a perfect fit for someone who may not even realize it. 

Becoming a Leader

How do we begin this process? Will it even work for me? Leadership development starts with you and we will help you reach and surpass your goals.


From Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to inspiring students that are going to college or entering the work force. Our high energy, impactful and motivational keynotes that we provide are customizable and unforgettable. 

 Clocking Back In

The world is slowly opening back up again...and so is your workplace. You just spent months working from home, how on earth are you suppose to go back to how things use to be? 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: It Starts with You

It takes all of us. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion effects every one from daily interactions in one's personal and work life. How do we create a space of be acceptance and understanding?

Where is your Starting Line? 

How do we learn how to be better and do better? It starts with knowing where you currently are. 

Building Success

Strengthen the way you lead, execute and perform. Success is sweeter when you are growing with your team to create a powerful collective of minds.

Office Olympics: Event III

History in the making. It's all been leading up to this. Who will be the 2020 champion!

Learning and Growing

It is for everyone, but it is not the same for everyone. Each person is different and learns different, coaching should reflect that. 

The True Essence of Academics 

An inside look of what an in person keynote with Dr. Griffin looks like. Engaging. Inspiring. Thought-provoking.

Office Olympics: Event II

Welcome back to the second event of the Office Olympics. Some will rise  and a some will fall. Who will come out on top in this next event?

Is Coaching Right for You?

What does our process look like? Regardless of your busy schedule or your budget, we find a way to customize your experience. 

Office Olympics: Event I

Welcome to the Office Olympics! We wish the best to all the competitors as they face off in the first event. 

What does Diversity Mean to You?

We should be able to have open and candid conversations about what diveristy is. The definition changes from person to person but, what doesn't change is it's importance.

Top 10 Inspiring CEOs

It is an honor to be recognized by Industry Era Magazine. To celebrate we’ve sat down with Dr. Griffin to get his thoughts and some advice for other CEOs. 

Let's Talk About It: Colorism

Our skin tone isn't just a shade, it has an impact on how we are percieved in society. Colorism effects each and every one of us, but how? 

Humble Beginnings

Everyone has a story. Dream Builders Communication has been in business for over 20 year. How did that come to be…

Q & A Series
You Asked, We Answered Part III 

To finish our series by sharing some advice. Not only do we want to share our knowledge, we want to help you all grow.

How to Create a More Equitable Workplace

What is Equality to you? What is Equity to you? Equity is not the same as equality and vise versa, but both are needed in the workplace. 

Mike Check 1,2,3

What are some tips to being a better speaker? Dr. Griffin give a few that he utilizes ever time he gets in front of a crowd, large or small. 

Q & A Series
You Asked, We Answered Part II

The more the merrier, we recieved a few more questions about our company and we wanted to share some answers. 

Author Reading:
New Days, New Ideas

A brief excerpt from Dr. Griffin and his book, New Days, New Ideas. Purchase a book from our shop today for some more nuggets of knowledge.

Q & A Series 
You Asked, We Answered

A few questions asked to us about DBC and its origins. 

Who is Dream Builders Communication? 

Who are we? What do we do? How do we help one another as we evolve and change the future? 

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