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Maintaining Momentum

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

So far this month we’ve discussed making realistic improvements for the year and starting strong. We've reminded you to loosen the reigns to create impactful changes to your everyday life, we've encouraged you to stay strong and “spring into action and set out on becoming the best version of you there has ever been”. Both sentiments are essential, and as we are fully engulfed into January, you might notice your progression. You’re noticing your house is cleaner, your feeling better due to your healthy eating habits, overall, you’re headed in the right direction. While you have this momentum, its important to hold yourself accountable. Here are a few ways to maintain progression:

  • Assemble/Involve Your Team: We’ve all heard of the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Sometimes, communal support is essential to growth and expansion, not only for children, but also dreams, aspirations and good habits. Every team member can offer different perspectives, which comes in handy when you’re tired and need someone to talk to. Keep in mind, team members can range from friends, family, coworkers, as well as professionals, such as a therapist or doctor.

  • Celebrate your Success: Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in accomplishing the goals you’ve set forth! Both big and small accomplishments should be celebrated with your team! Reflect on the path you took, thank those that have supported you through the journey, and share your testimony with others by posting on Facebook or Twitter. However, don’t celebrate so much that you relapse on old habits!

  • Reassess and Reevaluate: Now that you’ve succeed in completing your goals, it’s time to reassess what worked and didn’t work along your journey. To avoid being stagnant, it is essential to adjust yourself in accordance to your new path. For example: You’ve been in the gym at least 3 times a week for one hour. You’re seeing the improvement to your health, so much, that the work outs are no longer tough. You’ve developed muscle memory, and therefore have decided that you’ll change your gym techniques by adding more cardio.

DJ Khaled infamously quoted the keys of success, stating, “They don’t want us to win, so we’re gonna win more.” While we are already on the track of starting strong by making positive, realistic changes, it is important to maintain success and accountability by involving your team, celebrating your success and reassessing and reevaluating your goals! You can do it!