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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any type of corporate management or leadership training?

-   Yes! Not only do we offer specialized corporate management and leadership packages, but we also have unique training & seminars developed for the Government, Education, and Non-Profit sectors as well.

Can you tell me other types of services you offer?

-   A few of our most requested services offered include Strategic Planning, Business Process Engineering, Project Management and more. All of our packages are customized to prepare you and your team for ultimate success! Click here for a full list of our service descriptions.

Does DBC have the scale and scope to train major corporations' teams?

-  Yes, DBC is equipped with a full service staff team

What is the purpose of coaching?

-   Coaching is the art and science of leveraging an individual's strengths and helping them to discover what is holding them back from their true potential. The purpose of our individualized coaching programs is to gain insight into your team's potential by discovering what is holding you back from your abilities and pursuing the addressed areas in order to help you reach your goals more effectively.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

-   Yes, we guarantee 100% confidentiality for all of our coaching sessions.

How often would sessions take place?

-   We schedule Coaching Sessions based upon the availability of the client and his/her master coach.

What costs are associated with coaching?

-   Each coaching package is individually priced based on the client's needs and how many sessions are scheduled.

Does DBC do executive level corporate coaching? 

-  Yes.

How much are your honorariums for keynote addresses?

-   We are proud to offer dynamic and engaging speakers for every occasion.  Costs associated will depend upon the audience size, the length of time allotted to present, and other contributing factors such as travel stipends, printing materials, etc.

How do payments work on government contracts?

-  How do payments work on government contracts? Each municipality is governed by their local authorities

Does DBC participate in RFPs? 

-  Yes, and has been successful in the process.

Does Dream Builders have federal clearance? 

-  Yes, several members of the DBC Team have differing levels of clearance